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super/nova presents...
Relations, Woo!, & Subterrania Xmass Special

Mihai Popoviciu (Highgrade / Diynamic / Romania)
Yousef (Circus / Cocoon / Cecille)

Saturday 17th December | Kings X | London

Room I - Woo!

Mihai Popoviciu (Highgrade / Diynamic)
Neverdogs (Docshow), Clint Lee (Wildlife), Fabio Teti (M+H / Kitchen Crew)

Room II - Relations
Yousef (Circus / Cocoon)
Scott Kemp (Plastik Philosophy), Nathalia (Voyage), Vinciguerra (Houserepublic)

Room III - Subterrania
Louis Guilhem (Lo*kee), Mauro Ferno & Mestivan, Kolo & Dyze

Residents: JB, Anto Retox & Nils Hess

Thanks to the Circo Loco duo, Mass Prod & Gauthier for rocking the terrace and to Mr Claudio Coccoluto for his basement music! We return with the final supernova party of the year on Sat 17th December. Already confirmed in the Woo! London room is very special Romanian guest, Mihai Popoviciu (Highgrade), The Neverdogs & Fabio Teti, whilst Circus head honcho & very special guest Yousef heads the Relations room. The Subterrania family welcomes Lo*kee's Louis Guilhem, and all the residents from all the collectives are also in the house...

Mihai Popoviciu: 
From Romania, Mihai is considered one of eastern Europe's finest and most innovative producers. Signed to respected lables Fear of Flying, Diynamic, Bla Bla, Highgrade Records and Eddie Leader's Hudd Traxx, he has made countless dance floor bombs. His infectious style of driving groovy beats, warm synths and clean percussion & hats has taken him to the likes of Panorama Bar, Watergate, Fabric and Circo Loco @ DC10.

The new decade sees Yousef consolidating his status as an international DJ, Producer, Club Promoter and Music aficionado with ever greater impact. Running one of Europe's premier clubnights co-exists alongside manning a record label of the same name, whilst his reputation as a DJ grows with increasing stature and a constantly escalating global calendar.

His productions continue to leave an indelible imprint on the world; the release of second artist album ‘Indigo Child', the follow-up to 2009's impressive LP ‘A Collection of scars and situations', is scheduled for later on in 2011. A hugely expansive collection much like its predecessor, it marks a return to Circus Recordings after Yousef took a twelve month sabbatical to work exclusively with a select band of record labels, including Saved, Cocoon, Harthouse, and Monique Musique.

The return will be kick-started with the release of one 8 track EPs entitled ‘Yousef's Circus Reworks'. The focus is simple; transformations of several productions with the Circus dancefloor specifically in mind, Jamie T, Fourtet, Giles Peterson, Moby and Sven Vath among the producers contributing material for Yousef to re-jig alongside his own peerless ‘Come Home'. Each track represents a certain time of the night or certain room; painting a personal musical projection of what Circus means to Yousef and an ideological snapshot of the clubnight's musical DNA.

The event is quite the beast. Now in its ninth year, it's quickly moved from being the best night in Liverpool to one of the most talked about and well respected soirees on the continent, the flagship for the refurbished and Funktion One equipped Masque. The high profile nature has seen shows with Planet E, Bedrock, Meganite and Teutonic techno institute, Cocoon...



egg - 200 York Way - Kings X - London - N7

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